NM ID Law as Anti-Immigration Legislation


Graphic from Somos Un Pueblo Unido

As stated in the Albuquerque Journal “Democrats and Republicans are sparring over how to make New Mexico comply with the federal REAL ID Act. The tougher federal standards require proof of legal U.S. residency for those who want to use state identification to access certain areas of federal facilities…

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Cholas of the Roundhouse

This piece was written by SWOP Lead Organizer Emma Sandoval, a firme hyna from the South Valley and staunch advocate for New Mexico’s youth, women, and families. Follow her on twitter at @Nemmajean for more #CholasoftheRoundhouse stories. The post is shared via El Grito de Nuevo Mexico.


Growing up in New Mexico

I grew up in a small barrio called Sunburst Ranch, right in the corazón of the South Valley. My neighborhood was nestled just below the Pajarito Mesa, a community called a colonia, which lacked basic infrastructure like running water, electricity, or paved roads. Third world conditions right in our backyard. Growing up that way wasn’t out of the ordinary, it just was the way things were.

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