Fuck #CovCath

My final words on #CovCath #ExposeCatholicSchools

Here is the initial video that got people rightfully riled up because Covington Catholic students surrounded a Native elder (Nathan Phillips) who was singing the anthem from the American Indian Movement to defuse the situation after the students chanted “Make America Great” slogans.

Here is the video that shows the Black Hebrew Israelites inciting people (but yet those kids didn’t surround them and scream and laugh…wonder why.)

Here’s the video showing Nathan Phillips walking in to divert attention from the youth and the BHI men, trying to diffuse the situation.

I’ve seen a lot of misguided white friends and male friends and white male friends say that they think people reacted too soon, without enough info, and that it appears that those boys are just “deeply misguided.” They share articles like this, as if it makes them look wiser and more compassionate.

These boys are deeply misguided? I mean…I guess humans aren’t born racist, misogynist, homophobic xenophobes; people are raised to be that way. But come on… these boys are not misguided. They are not just showing faulty judgment. They didn’t have good intentions but failed in their delivery. They aren’t just foolish. They are, again, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic white Catholic boys of privilege who perpetuate the most vile stereotypes of our oppressive western culture.

They have a history of violence at their school, such as:

  • Rape and sodomy (the only reason the current case came to light is because he is 18 now and the school couldn’t cover for him like they did the other 3 or 4 times he was accused);
  • Taunting gay youth, even to the point that at least one committed suicide in recent years;
  • Last year the diocese wouldn’t allow the openly-gay valedictorian to give his speech at his graduation (at another school), saying his speech was too political because it referenced the Parkland shooting, yet every year CovCath boys travel across the country to the nation’s capitol specifically to protest a woman’s right to choose… a highly political act (which is interesting, because when did teenage boys get to tell women what to do? oh yeah….I guess when those boys also believe rape is ok, especially “if you enjoy it“);
  • Their school spirit includes mocking Maori tradition with a fake haka;
  • Racism is supported and promoted by the teachers and the school has a long history of being known for racism;
  • They’ve worn black face on multiple occasions, with some lame-ass excuse of it being to show home-court support, yet they taunt black players on opposing teams while wearing that obvious black face;
  • It’s a highly segregated private school in a poorer suburb of Cincinnati, with less than 20 students of color out of 500 enrolled each year;
  • The girls’ school across the street has been yelling out about the boys’ bullshit for many years, maybe partly because CovCath boys call them the “whores on the hill,” but the diocese doesn’t listen;
  • Even though they claim to be patriots, they chose to swarm around and scream at an old man who is a Veteran that regularly honors those buried at Arlington, just because he was old and Native, and therefore he must have been weak and easily intimidated (in their eyes);
  • And, let’s not forget that the Catholic Church, like no other religious or secular institution, seems to attract (or create) a ridiculous number of sexual predators and pedophiles and has systematically covered it up for decades, most often using their vast wealth to do so.

THEY. ARE. NOT. MISGUIDED. Saying such a thing ignores the culture of hate that exists at that school and that has been well-documented. When my white friends and male friends and white male friends say that these kids are misguided, it truly reeks of those people’s own white male cis hetero privilege.

People had every right to swiftly exclaim their distaste for the MAGA-hat wearing shitheads based on the short clip and based on everything else that has happened and come to light since the incident this weekend. Just because the boys/families/school/whoever hired some fancy fucking PR firm to spin the story and make it look like they are the victims, those boys and their families and the school and the church are actually the fucked-up perpetrators of violence against every marginalized community you can think of.

Fuck those students.

Fuck their families.

Fuck the school.

Fuck the diocese that supports and encourages all of this shit.

And fuck the centrists and liberals who think people came down too hard on these boys.

“I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to ‘order’ than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice.” – MLK Jr







Some good words are coming out of Kentucky, in response to this incident, like this article on the race problem in KY or the Covington Mayor’s Op-Ed denouncing the students.

Local note: New Mexico is a highly Catholic state, and here is a list of Priests, Deacons, Religious, and Seminarians accused of Sexual abuse of children over the past 90 years or so. I remember a lot of this coming to light here in the 1980s, around when Sinead O’Connor tore up a photo of the Pope and she got vitriol from people across the country for it. Did you know that the Gallup Diocese filed for bankruptcy protection in 2013 because of abuse allegations, and the Santa Fe Diocese did the same in 2018? Did you know that in the 1990s it became public that, for decades, pedophile priests from around the country were sent to New Mexico for “treatment” and then assigned to local parishes, where some continued to abuse children…which is why the local Catholic Church has had hundreds of lawsuits against them?


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