Mercenary violence at Standing Rock

#StandWithStandingRock #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife

Back story from my sister, who was there…
My sister and her friends were going for a prayer walk to the original protest site. Then they learned that there was construction at another site so they walked over there.


Hundreds of protestors gathered. The first person to cross over was a guy who blocked the bull dozer that was working because of the injunction preventing work. They tackled him.


A woman pulled down the fence and cried out “Warrior up!”


At the same time a woman and her 4 year old son crossed over. You can see them in the video. He had played drum with my sister earlier, and he was unafraid of what was happening. The mercenaries with dogs moved toward the woman and her child and my sister and her colleagues blocked them from attacking them.


The women protectors led the line as they pushed back the mercenaries about a mile to a bridge. That’s when the mercenaries stopped fleeing and started to pepper spray and use their attack dogs. The mercenaries were visibly scared. Then the men on horses came in to protect the women from the dogs. There were kids throwing clods of dirt at the trucks.


One elder protector used his flag pole to hold back the mercenaries. He said to one. “Are you prepared to die today? Because I am. The question is, is it going to be you first, or your dog?” The mercenary looked terrified. Holding back the mercenaries allowed for more protectors to enter that site.


The protestors were initially women-led. But, interestingly, the mercenary whose dog attacked people was a woman. While her dog was biting people, she was laughing.


Eventually, an AIM member, Cuny Dog, negotiated the end of the stand-off.


The local media is making it sound like the protectors are violent, that they had weapons and that they instigated the violence. This is not true. They were peaceful. The mercenaries had weapons and started the violent attack.


Last night there were 4000 – 5000 people at camp. Everyone there is supporting each other, sharing food and clothes and supplies.

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