“Grieving the White Void”

Abe Lateiner wrote a piece shared on Medium.com, “Grieving the White Void.” 

He talks about his experience with race and privilege throughout his life, how White supremacy negatively impacts ALL people, how he came to see his personal stake in ending White supremacy as a White person (and it’s not White guilt…White guilt is a step in the process, but it’s not the end-game), and how we must learn to grieve what has happened and live with integrity. He gives examples of what we can all do to end White supremacy.

To describe this piece, I’ll share the words of our comrade and friend in St. Louis:

“I think this is the kind of reading and self analysis that most folks are not ready to face, or even attempt. I’m pretty impressed by the level of honesty and critical skin peeling back that this writer is doing. I’m rarely impressed by white folks doing “race analysis”, but this is a good read. (Just being honest). I highly recommend it, not only for white folks who are currently working very closely in Black & Brown spaces, but I think POC should read too.” – Jessie S.


Don’t just read this piece – share it. Be uncomfortable as you reflect on your experience, stop denying the very real effects of racism, and be open to dialogue.

And, check out Abe’s site, RiskSomething.org, which asks “How can privilege be harnessed in the movement for collective liberation?”

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