Unity For The Community

Elien President Radio, Boss Gong Media, and Rock Against Racism present The Unity For The Community, Rock Against Racism

February 16, 2016 from 6-10pm at Burt’s Tikki Lounge, 313 Gold Ave SW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102

Northern New Mexico is proud to be an open and inclusive, but it’s hard to talk about big issue that challenge us in Northern New Mexico, such as poverty, hunger and lack of real opportunities to achieve the American Dream nor are we talking about solution such as real living wages, an affordable roof over everyone’s head, or jobs with justice. We are not facing the ugly specter of racism head on so we are putting the band back on the road. Rock against Racism perceive and challenge the internal and external system that reinforces racial oppression. We use the powerful combination of music film, dialogue and transformative learning in diversity that creates new understandings.

Bounce Chat at their social net work party, partner with like minded individuals, share their video/infographic and website on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Support their campaign to start the conversation, “Love Music Hate Racism” with special guests:

  • Dj 12 Tribe
  • Whoremonger
  • Jessie Delux
  • Dremon
  • plus paintings by local Artist Kate Samuels.

Thanks to Robert Baxter, there will be a Background Actors Casting call for Longmire and 2 up-coming major projects plus the first 100 background actors will receive free head shoots.


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